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Tully brings a wealth of construction experience to T4. He founded this company in 1996 and has a real passion for all things construction with an emphasis on timber framing. Don't be surprised if sometime during the course of your project, he suggests adding timber! He is married to the love of his life with three beautiful daughters and is the best drone pilot around. 


Toby Williams

Toby also brings a lifetime of experience to T4 and has also spent a considerable amount of time in commercial construction. He is one of the best bosses you could ever imagine and in spite of being Tully's younger brother he came on top with the looks. Toby is married with six children and spends most of his time chauffeuring his kids to sporting events.


Mikayla Williams

Daughter to the boss, Mikayla works as the business secretary and office administrator. She graduated from Wheaton College and is incredibly efficient in her organization and eye for detail. When not working for T4, she serves as a Children's Ministry Director for both the English and Spanish speaking congregations for her church.

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