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Timber Framing

Timber framing is one of T4's greatest passions. Whether in a commercial or residential setting, there is always room for timber. With great knowledge and love for timber, our team is sure to bring you the best.

Custom Furniture

We offer a wide variety of furniture leaning mostly towards timber. We can make anything from large conference room tables to small end tables. The sky is the limit.

Custom Sawing

With this bandsaw sawmill, logs are cut into perfect pieces of timber or dimensional lumber available for purchase. Delivery and pick up of logs available upon request. Contact us for pricing and more information.

General Contracting

T4 offers commercial and residential general contracting from small to large projects. We can provide design build or a la carte general contracting services. We have some terrific craftsmen in house and the best subs known to man. T4 will provide you with the best service and quality and making your dream project attainable and enjoyable. 

Custom Carving

Our CNC Machine not only surfaces slabs but can carve the most intricate designs with precision and ease. Perfect for logos, wall hangings, small gifts, large gifts, creative projects and more. It has V-Carve software, adjustable bits, and an entirely customizable design. Prices vary depending on size and slab, so reach out with your ideas. We are excited to work with you and discuss all the possibilities of your custom carving.

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